Season 27 Season Subscriptions

Your ticket to amazing art
that values your mind
and your wallet!

Season 27
Subscription Series

Live Art Series: $80

Momentum Dance: Breaking Ground

Momentum Dance: Off the Page
B!D!F!W! Penny Arcade's Sex & Censorship Show
Under :30
D Projects at Out North
Spring Awakening

~ You'd pay $145 at the door! ~

Film Series: $50 for 10 tickets
Flicker Fusion Festival Weekly Films
Manhattan Short Film Festival
Oscar Nominated Short Films
The Brits & Their Telly

~You'd pay $75 at the door! ~

Music Series: $75
Concerts every month, starting January 2012, in
Out North's amazing listening room.

~You'd pay $135 at the door!~

How to buy
A) Click on the Donate Button at the top right
of this screen.
B) Enter the amount of the subscription(s)
you want to buy.
C) Fill in your information, and
wait for your tickets in the mail.

Subscriptions are super easy!
Guarantee your seat
If you're worried a show might sell out, just contact CenterTix at 263-ARTS anytime before 3pm on the day of the show you want to attend; tell them you're a subscriber, and they'll reserve your seat at no charge.
(In sold out situations, we do release any tickets not redeemed by 10 minutes before curtain, so come early and enjoy our galleries so you know you'll be on time)

Can't make a show? Be an art hero: give your ticket to a friend. 
There's no transfer fee - you don't even have to let us know!

Subscriptions help Out North!
If you know you're going to see all these shows, save yourself time in line and all the fees, and you'll give Out North a cash injection ahead of time. Everybody wins!